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Weather in Bansko
Added on: 21-11-2012, 23:30:37
Bansko_ski_runsThe best ski resort on the Balkans - Bansko - once again got its recognition! According to a survey by the European Consumer Centers, the Bulgarian ski capital is ranked first, ahead of more than 400 surveyed resorts. The category in which Bansko won its prize is optimum length of the slopes. Referring to the survey, many professional skiers have a preference for resorts which runs are in the length from 51 to 100 km. With more than 65 km. of ski slopes, the town below peak Todorka blew its competition and proudly stands among the top European ski resorts.
  According to experts, such type of researches could help many tourists choose the right resort for their vacation. From the ECC regularly give tips on how people can judge what is the best type of vacation for them, to check for promotions and how to make early bookings.
Tags: Bansko, is, among, the, most, desirable, ski, resorts, in, Europe!
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